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Registration for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024


Registration is now CLOSED for SPRING 2024

Registration Fee for 2023/2024:     $90.00
(If you register for Fall 2023, Spring 2024 is included.  If you register for Spring 2024 Only, the fee is still $90.00)


Game and Location Details

Spring 2024 Recreation Soccer Dates
(8 games)

Mar 30
***We have eliminated games on Mar 23 and Mar 30 from the schedule.  We will play them on a later date, but we may have to play them during the week.  The city has not quite opened fields yet, plus we wanted coaches to have time to practice prior to the team's first game.   Also, this Sat, Mar 23 is supposed to rain again giving the city hesitation to open fields.  In addition, Mar 30 is obviously part of Easter weekend, and we want families to enjoy that time together.

So having said that, the season will begin after Spring Break, and your first games will be played on April 13th, 2024.

April 13, 20, 24, 27
(Sat, 4/6/24, Spring Break Weekend - No Games)

May 4, 8, 11, 15, 18
(Sat Games)

*Possible Makeup Game Dates
(Wed & Thu 4/24 & 4/25, also 5/8 & 5/9, & lastly 5/15 & 5/16)
RECREATION SOCCER is available for girls and boys born in 2012 (U12), and younger, thru 2019 (U4).   Registration is for both Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 seasons. 

Games will be played 

 JC Park in Bountiful, UT
Hogan Park in Woods Cross, UT


***Volunteer Positions Needed - Coach and Coordinator Positions


Volunteer Sign Up

Coach's Player is always free!


What do I get with registration?


  • Free Uniform! Jersey, shorts and socks!
  • Friend requests accepted, unless roster size exceeded
  • Team requests accepted too 
  • Willing to Coach? Your player is FREE.
  • Willing to Volunteer? Your player is FREE.
  • We offer Coaching clinics and support for new coaches.
  • Preferential registration to Junior Surfers program - a bridge for younger players to competition.

Why Surf Recreation?

  • Utah Surf Davis is one of the largest soccer clubs in the State of Utah, as well as Davis County. Surf Davis is an affiliate to the national Surf Soccer club. Unmatched resources from top to bottom! 
  • Coaching Development Clinics for all of our volunteer coaches.
  • Great pathways into the competition side with one of Utah and Davis County's largest soccer club.
  • Experienced staff with years of work in recreation and competition.
  • Every Coach & Team has free access to the SportsEngine App - to communicate, schedule, and plan on the fly!
  • Fast & Helpful Staff - Fastest and most helpful response time to all inquiries from parents and coaches! 

Utah Surf Davis Recreation Soccer

Soccer fun begins with Surf! Utah Surf Davis Soccer Club is dedicated to our 'players first' mentality.  We provide a safe, fun, and challenging environment that helps the youth of our community.

Our focus is fun, friends, and a great first brush with the 'beautiful game'.  We provide opportunities for player and coaching development. 

The ultimate goal is to help inspire, encourage, and promote a great community, one player at a time.

Email Us Utah Surf Davis Rec

Email Us Utah Surf Davis Rec